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  • There is no one-to-one correspondence between such trees and trees as data structure.
  • She later began a correspondence with him that would last for years.
  • The two would send correspondence to each other as if they were the main characters.
  • Their correspondence shows that they remained on friendly terms until the end of his life.
  • A small number remain on the island and carry out their secondary education through correspondence.
  • Something shall now be said about the knowledge of correspondences and its use. Cited from Heaven and its Wonders and Hell, by Emanuel Swedenborg
  • Letters were the correspondence network that helped the men of science stay connected.
  • Typically the correspondence can be made with nothing more than a change of sign in some term.
  • In the standard language, the correspondence between the two is always regular.
  • They kept correspondence until he was able to send for her.
  • In keeping with his will, all his personal and scientific correspondence was destroyed upon his death.
  • You may think of numerous correspondences to this in the world of material things. Cited from Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, by Swami Panchadasi
  • Their official statement remains somewhat out-of-date as per these more recent open letter correspondences.
  • The tone of the letters are said to be correspondence such as one would find between friends.
  • This correspondence is extensive and interesting enough to have been published in book form.
  • Their correspondence increased during their last years, however, and their relationship became a warm friendship.
  • That all things in this kingdom also are correspondences has been made clear to me by much experience. Cited from Heaven and its Wonders and Hell, by Emanuel Swedenborg
  • Eight years later his daughter published his correspondence as a biography of his literary life.
  • He attended night classes to learn drawing and took correspondence courses on interior design.
  • Throughout, he continued a correspondence with his wife, sister, and parents.
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Meaning of correspondence

  • noun Communication by the exchange of letters