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  • So the two men went out the back door, down toward the corrals. Cited from Judith of Blue Lake Ranch, by Jackson Gregory
  • Let him bring seven, and you have your soldiers ready inside the corral. Cited from Under Fire, by Charles King
  • Get in on our car corral action and you, too can get special treatment.
  • She could see his form now, as he led the horses toward the corral. Cited from The Cow Puncher, by Robert J. C. Stead
  • These corrals are so built that once the fish are inside they cannot escape. Cited from The Silver Horde, by Rex Beach
  • And so the first stars were out before he came once more to the home corrals. Cited from Man to Man, by Jackson Gregory
  • Perhaps we can hold the corral until our friends reach us. Cited from The Rifle Rangers, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • And then he followed them when they turned and rode to the little corral. Cited from Under Handicap, by Jackson Gregory
  • I'll go down to the corral and see how our horses are getting along. Cited from The Talking Leaves, by William O. Stoddard
  • Remains of the corral remained and became the name of the community and people.
  • A man would carry them back to the corral; why not she? Cited from The Wrong Woman, by Charles D. Stewart
  • I meant they tried to get me into one of their corrals and take my hide off. Cited from The Boy from the Ranch, by Frank V. Webster
  • From all sides it rolled into the corral till those inside could no longer see one another. Cited from The Lone Ranche, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • He reached the corral in time to head off the first of his horses which was just coming through. Cited from The Boy With the U. S. Foresters, by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  • No one expected them, and only the men on duty at the corrals knew of the return. Cited from Wildfire, by Zane Grey
  • Making the film was one long struggle to find the money and corral the necessary resources.
  • The men breaking horses in the new corrals were the same old hands. Cited from The Settling of the Sage, by Hal G. Evarts
  • Therefore, one idea occupied his mind -- to leave the corral, and when! Cited from Secret of the Island, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Once clear of the corrals he saw the village closer than he had expected to find it. Cited from Heritage of the Desert, by Zane Grey
  • He built corrals and houses for himself and his employees and expanded the road system.
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Synonyms of corral

Meaning of corral

  • verb Enclose in a corral
    corral the horses
  • verb Arrange wagons so that they form a corral
  • verb Collect or gather
    corralling votes for an election