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  • Info The CORPS game system, or Complete Omniversal Role Playing System, is a generic role-playing game system.
  • Each corps has a weapons school run by its command.
  • Each corps was assigned its own commander and its own target.
  • The supreme military unit became corps of two or three divisions.
  • He served a period of time in the Army Air Corps.
  • The result was poor coordination between the two forward Corps and units within them.
  • It may also include other branches of the military such as the air force via means of aviation corps.
  • When the volunteers arrived for duty in the corps there were twice as many persons as aircraft available.
  • During this time, he remained an officer in the United States Marine Corps.
  • Guinea has also had a strong Crisis Corps program through the last few years.
  • Once together, the Corps was able to return home quickly via the Missouri River.
  • Otherwise, the officer corps was governor-appointed or elected by unit enlisted.
  • More recently though they can also serve in more traditional leadership roles associated with the more recognizable officer corps.
  • These bands are said to be corps-style bands.
  • Hatch's division came in on the right of the corps line.
  • The Marine Corps has recognized its observed birth date on a more consistent basis.
  • This gave him access to a disciplined corps of workers, who also may have served as his first soldiers.
  • Significant support staff for college bands and independent corps are typically paid by the university or the corps organization, respectively.
  • Corps Park Rangers staff the centre and provide free public programs on a variety of subjects.
  • II Corps, after two and a half weeks of torrid battle, was fought out.
  • The British possessed an experienced and well-trained corps of naval officers.
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Root form of corps is corp for the noun.

Synonyms of Corps

Meaning of Corps

  • noun An army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support
  • noun A body of people associated together
    diplomatic corps