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  • The same as any government-owned corporation, its top leader is the party secretary.
  • It is an independent state-owned corporation headed by a seven-person board.
  • Subsequently at times running a not-for-profit corporation can be more difficult.
  • It was constructed and opened to the public by a corporation of which he was president.
  • The corporation is concerned that the rate of interest may be much higher in six months.
  • During the 1960s, the company was the largest state owned corporation in the world.
  • A corporation is, at least in theory, owned and controlled by its members.
  • The group very quickly formed a non-profit corporation, raised money, and found a space.
  • The Church is supported by a non-profit corporation of the same name.
  • There are some corporations whose name is simply the same as their original location.
  • It is a state-owned corporation under a special status.
  • Economic and commercial corporation has been increasing over the years.
  • The corporation's financial claims, however, had to be accepted at face value.
  • The corporation's financial claims, however, had to be accepted at face value.
  • She is also the director of resources for a non-profit corporation.
  • The company he founded would become one of the largest and most successful American corporations.
  • He spent his career working as an executive for several different multi-national corporations.
  • The church has the right to tax its members and corporations owned by its members.
  • Each of these regions formed a for-profit corporation to manage these land rights.
  • He had previously served on the corporation's board for eight years, including three years as chairman.
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Meaning of Corporation

  • noun A business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state