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  • Later in life she described how impressed she had been during her coronation.
  • For the third time, he had a high place at a royal coronation.
  • Little is known of the young prince Henry before the events associated with his marriage and coronation.
  • Over the years Coronation Street has released several straight-to-video films.
  • After her coronation, she planned to tour the Empire for six months.
  • There had not been any further coronations of Emperor during the rest of his life.
  • At this point he was already planning his own royal coronation.
  • However, given her young age at the time, she did not attend her mother's coronation.
  • Ever since then no coronations were held inside the hall.
  • The order was also followed at other formal occasions, such as royal coronations.
  • An important event in the life of Peter II was his coronation.
  • Political forces are such that in order for the king to retain his crown his coronation must go forward.
  • This is the earliest German royal coronation about which records are known to exist.
  • The coronation hall is on the first floor of the building.
  • Although no specific coronation ceremony was observed at first, one gradually evolved over the following century.
  • He was only around fourteen at his coronation, and the real power was in the hands of others.
  • The coronation date had already been set; planning simply continued with a new monarch.
  • The coronation took place on the first Sunday or Holy Day following the election.
  • Without that coronation, no king, despite exercising all powers, could call himself Emperor.
  • It has initially been kept in a temporary building in Coronation Park.
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  • noun The ceremony of installing a new monarch