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  • It was common to handle up to one hundred cords per day during the wood season.
  • CORDS was a joint command, with all service branches represented on its military side.
  • The play is performed holding the cords hung at the place of performance.
  • She pointed at the corded box which stood in front of the table. Cited from Brownsmith's Boy, by George Manville Fenn
  • It may also have a hole through which the cord can be pulled.
  • It was a test of his strength and required three cords.
  • His neck corded with a sudden rush of blood and his eyes changed to blue fire. Cited from To The Last Man, by Zane Grey
  • These are in addition to any cords for membership in an honor society.
  • So I went over to the junction box and pulled out the cords.
  • The facts of creation, as previously re- corded, include nothing of the kind. Cited from Science and Health/Key to The Scriptures, by Eddy
  • She was also in films Cord and First Target in the same year.
  • A similar process has been created to aide people who have lost their vocal cords.
  • Then slowly he released her and the corded red of his neck subsided. Cited from The U.P. Trail, by Zane Grey
  • He also has the ability to use his vocal cords to replicate any sound he has heard.
  • Body cords must be kept in good working order lest their condition deteriorate.
  • Cords run across the floor should be covered with a suitable device to protect them from physical damage.
  • After she died her entire brain and spinal cord were studied carefully.
  • These line cords tend to get warm to the touch after the radio was in use for a while.
  • The four were eventually found many months later after their bodies with attached cords melted out of the snow.
  • They had to cut colored cords depending on the answer to a question they were asked.
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Meaning of cord

  • noun A line made of twisted fibers or threads
    the bundle was tied with a cord
  • noun A unit of amount of wood cut for burning; 128 cubic feet
  • noun A light insulated conductor for household use
  • noun A cut pile fabric with vertical ribs; usually made of cotton
  • verb Stack in cords
    cord firewood
  • verb Bind or tie with a cord