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  • Info Copying is the duplication of information or an artifact based only on an instance of that information or artifact, and not using the process that originally generated it. more...
  • In this way, several individuals could work on copying one book at the same time.
  • Students were charged with copying these books and any other books they could get their hands on.
  • The design might be very simple so copying it is easily done.
  • He worked at copying the treaty that he had been given while he waited.
  • Until nearly the age of thirty, he mainly dedicated himself to copying old masters.
  • They're making us out like we were copying some American bands.
  • Scriveners were people who made their living by writing or copying written material.
  • The black image film can be used for further copying.
  • In the process of copying documents, many times the meaning became changed, and the words different.
  • The concept of copying has a particular significance in certain areas of law.
  • Many other companies entered the market quickly, widely copying the new silver styling as well.
  • One can now increase the number of particles by simply copying the cells.
  • Because of the lack of knowledge, the Plan was copying the Soviet model.
  • The chapel master was not forgotten by his pupils - they continued copying his works.
  • Mostly self-taught as an artist, he learned by copying the Old Masters.
  • Additional payments were made for any music copying done for the court.
  • The beginning of the Middle Ages was also a period of low activity in copying.
  • In most cases, her decision to start copying an artist happened before those artists achieved broader recognition.
  • Another common modern method of copying is the use of large-format scanners.
  • Copying was generally permitted between any file specification to any other where it made sense.
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Root form of copying is copy for the verb.

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Meaning of copying

  • noun An act of copying
  • verb Copy down as is
    The students were made to copy the alphabet over and over
  • verb Make a replica of
    copy that drawing, re-create a picture by Rembrandt