Cookie Crisp

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  • Info Cookie Crisp is a breakfast cereal introduced in 1977 by Ralston Purina and attempts to recreate the "taste of chocolate chip cookies and milk".
  • In the same year, Cookie Crisp was then introduced in Europe and the UK.
  • Shortly after, he got his first national role as the kid in the Cookie Crisp cereal commercial.
  • Ralston Purina also for many years produced the familiar line of Chex and Cookie Crisp cold breakfast cereals.
  • The Cookie Crook was an anti-hero mascot who often attempted to steal the Cookie Crisp.
  • French Toast Crunch was usually shaped like many little French toast slices, reminiscent of the style of Cookie Crisp.
  • In some foreign boxes of Cookie Crisp, the mascot is a panther who is light grey in color and wears Chip's clothing.
  • This cereal has cookie pieces that represent Chips Deluxe and are strikingly similar to Cookie Crisp.
  • The food company Edgerly founded evolved into what is now called Ralcorp, and was the original owner of the cereal brands Chex and Cookie Crisp.
  • In the new format of the advertisements, Chip was a friendly pooch (no longer wearing a mask) who offered Cookie Crisp to a group of kids.
  • In 2013, Cookie Crisp Brownie, which has the taste of brownies, was introduced in the U.K.
  • Typically an adult would interfere on the grounds that cookies are not breakfast food, including Officer Crumb in one of the earliest of these advertisements, but, they would change their minds once Chip gave them a taste of his Cookie Crisp.
  • In 1997, Ralston sold their cereal line to General Mills, who soon after changed the recipe, prompting many Cookie Crisp lovers to seek the original taste in knock-off and foreign brands.
  • Officer Crumb (sometimes known simply as the Cookie Cop) was a police officer who was always trying to thwart the Cookie Crook's attempts to steal the Cookie Crisp.
  • The first Cookie Crisp mascot, Jarvis, was a wizard in the Merlin mold, with a wand, long robe, pointy hat, and big white beard.