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  • After he reached seven years of age, his mother taught him how to cook.
  • They may have been the first to use fire and cook food.
  • Eventually he caught it, and told the boy to cook it for him.
  • I love to eat and I love to cook - as you can see.
  • He worked as a short-order cook and on a factory line during and after college.
  • Though she was not the first television cook, Child was the most widely seen.
  • The cook's son explained what he had heard and was turned to stone.
  • The wall between the former cook's room and the kitchen has been removed.
  • After the game he cooked up some food for the fans outside the stadium.
  • Cook's interest in music began at a young age.
  • Cook never set foot on the island because he was unable to find a suitable landing.
  • A really well-cooked Chinese food would need to achieve all three of them.
  • Cook's story has been told through different media.
  • She offers her services and becomes their cook and housekeeper for room and board.
  • Cook, however, refused to offer him military support and was content with just visiting the island.
  • The bay he first settled in was later named Cook's Bay in his honor.
  • The king began to understand that Cook was his enemy.
  • His father worked as a short-order cook.
  • Within months of his arrival, he had risen to the position of head cook.
  • Some of them ate their food without its being cooked with fire.
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Meaning of cook

  • noun Someone who cooks food
  • noun English navigator who claimed the east coast of australia for britain and discovered several pacific islands (1728-1779)
  • verb Prepare a hot meal
    My husband doesn't cook
  • verb Prepare for eating by applying heat
    Cook me dinner, please, can you make me an omelette?, fix breakfast for the guests, please
  • verb Transform and make suitable for consumption by heating
    These potatoes have to cook for 20 minutes
  • verb Transform by heating
    The apothecary cooked the medicinal mixture in a big iron kettle