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  • After convincing her he could get her a record deal, he brought her into his group.
  • There are different stories about the names, but none of them provide any convincing evidence.
  • His acting is so convincing, you would not want his steel-cold eyes to glance your way.
  • However, it was also suggested that others think she is convincing.
  • The only convincing resolution to this question is that all bodies must fall at the same rate.
  • Some residents initially fought the plan, but were not successful in convincing the company to change its plans.
  • Finding nothing out of place, she returns to her room, convincing herself that she's fine.
  • In spite of numerous attempts since then, no convincing theories have been presented.
  • However, scientific studies have continued to fail to produce convincing evidence for this status.
  • In the early 1990s computer techniques that often produced more convincing results began to be widely used.
  • Reno to know why her office had failed to make a convincing case.
  • It was another hit with its audience, despite not convincing the critics.
  • So I wanted to make it seem real and convincing.
  • His act was utterly convincing, so much so that many considered him actually insane.
  • However, his previous failures prevented him from convincing his friends or getting the necessary money.
  • The team won its first eight games in convincing fashion, setting up a final against the Soviet Union.
  • There are no convincing reasons to prefer one term over the other.
  • This illusion is often so convincing that people are unable to see the real bottom.
  • Catholic schools should continue teaching evolution as a scientific theory backed by convincing evidence.
  • Such a recording will certainly never be convincing to anyone but the original participants.
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Root form of convincing is convince for the verb.

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Meaning of convincing

  • adjective Causing one to believe the truth of something
    a convincing story, a convincing manner