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  • The Collegium was located in the western part of the building, convictus in the northern, and in the eastern part was located a school.
  • The novitiate was located at first in the building of the collegium, then in the old building of the convictus.
  • It received poor students who could no longer be accommodated in the convictus itself; they lived in special lodgings and were not obliged to receive Holy orders.
  • From this date the chapter guaranteed a fixed contribution for the university and convictus (hall for clerical and some lay students).
  • Prince-Bishop Clement Wenceslaus ordered that henceforth the university as well as the convictus should be directly subject to the bishop.
  • He taught philosophy at the University of Salzburg in 1659, and became regent of the convictus and secretary of the university in 1661.
  • Extinct for many years, it was partially revived in 1842 as Mount St Mary's College, when the new college and convictus was established by the then provincial, Father Raudal Lythegoe.
  • The endowments of several institutions and corporations were transferred in 1789 to the "Academic House" in order to relieve its financial difficulties, and its administration was simplified by uniting the St. Joseph Seminary and the convictus.
  • That year the Jesuits founded the establishment of Convictus sancti Ignatii martyris (believers in Saint Ignatius of Antioch).
  • This was enshrined in the principle of nullum terrigenam possessionatum capiemus, nisi judicio rationabiliter fuerit convictus, or in short, neminem captivabimus.
  • Despite difficult material conditions throughout the 16th century, they quickly founded many educational establishments: gymnasium (1565), convictus nobilium - school for Polish szlachta (1565), Diocesan Seminary (1567), Papal Seminary (1578) and dormitory for poor students (1582).