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  • Smith was convicted and sent to prison, but he did not stay long.
  • Following the war, two of the responsible officers were tried and convicted for this action.
  • Several men were eventually convicted, but given only a small fine.
  • This might even happen long after the convicted person was dead.
  • All were later tried and convicted for their roles in the crime.
  • She went to trial the same day and was convicted.
  • Modern Western legal systems usually state as their goal the reform or re-education of a convicted criminal.
  • The guard had been arrested multiple times in the past, but had never been convicted of a crime.
  • He was not convicted until two years later.
  • If convicted, the counts added up to maximum prison time of forty-two years.
  • If convicted, his property would be confiscated and he himself sold as a slave.
  • After two more trials he was convicted and imprisoned for two years' hard labour.
  • The perpetrator does not receive the same legal action against them as a person convicted of murder.
  • The three were subsequently convicted and, on release from prison, banned from football for life.
  • Nine people were later arrested for the kidnapping, but only two were convicted.
  • Women are more likely to avoid charges entirely, and to avoid imprisonment if convicted.
  • He was convicted of several financial crimes, including fraud, shortly after its publication.
  • In addition, the father of her child was convicted of drug-related offences.
  • He was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence.
  • He was convicted and served time on a chain gang, although he has maintained his innocence.
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Root form of convicted is convict for the verb.

Synonyms of convicted

Meaning of convicted

  • verb Find or declare guilty
    The man was convicted of fraud and sentenced