convicted for

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  • I will only add that I am convicted for doing nothing but my duty.
  • He is arrested further down the road and was later convicted for his crime.
  • Following the war, two of the responsible officers were tried and convicted for this action.
  • He was further convicted for the murder of two other persons on separate occasions.
  • I was convicted for what I did, neither more nor less. Cited from Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini
  • Some have been convicted for their religion, some for their politics. Cited from Canada: the Empire of the North, by Agnes C. Laut
  • All were later tried and convicted for their roles in the crime.
  • The land on this hill once belonged to a person convicted for murder.
  • Nevertheless, due to problems with the collection of evidence, he was convicted for only one murder.
  • We meet him some time later, in a top-security prison, convicted for terrorism.
  • One man was convicted for being involved but other possible culprits are still unknown.
  • No one has ever been convicted for the crime.
  • But as there is no evidence, she is not convicted for that.
  • He admitted he burnt them to me, and he was convicted for his crime.
  • Smith was later tried and convicted for shooting a police officer.
  • In early 1990s some of them were eventually convicted for their participation on it.
  • They were convicted for the attack the following year.
  • They are convicted for killing of a police officer and attacking on people and property.
  • They were all later tried and convicted for the illegal armed occupation.
  • No one has yet been convicted for these crimes.
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