convict him

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  • Ethan maintains that the media convicted him before he ever got to trial.
  • You would probably convict him of killing as well as slavery. Cited from Donovan Pasha &c, by G. Parker, v3
  • If the matter came before a jury they would never convict him for knocking the other down at once. Cited from The Man in Court, by Frederic DeWitt Wells
  • The jury convicted him of grand theft after a one day trial.
  • Was it my duty to search out Jefferson and convict him of this crime? Cited from The Four Pools Mystery, by Jean Webster
  • The court convicted him of semi-voluntary manslaughter, ordered him to pay blood money.
  • This did not prevent a federal court from convicting him for threatening the President.
  • Note also the various forms of injustice of which he challenges any one to convict him. Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: Various, Maclaren
  • After the US had re-established control, a US military court charged and convicted him of treason.
  • Although public sentiment was against him, a judge found insufficient evidence against him to convict him of murder.
  • If you believe him guilty on either of these counts, or in either of these ways, you must convict him. Cited from The Great Speeches and Orations of Daniel Webster
  • To be found under such circumstances, would convict him as surely as if fifty eyes had seen him strike the blow. Cited from The Evil Guest, by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  • Have we not evidence enough in his writings alone to convict him of heresy? Cited from Antonina, by Wilkie Collins
  • Although the law cannot touch him, although no jury can convict him -- he is a murderer. Cited from Brood of the Witch-Queen, by Sax Rohmer
  • "They've pretty nearly got enough now to convict him." Cited from Tangled Trails, by William MacLeod Raine
  • Being, however, open to conviction, he had unfortunately permitted both parties to convict him. Cited from Punchinello, Vol. II., No. 34, November 19, 1870, by Various
  • The evidence from the hotel room was used to convict him of the robbery at trial.
  • Still it was not direct enough to convict him, but he was discharged by English. Cited from Black and White, by Timothy Thomas Fortune
  • "Well, now you've got to convict him!" he declared. Cited from Tutt and Mr. Tutt, by Arthur Train
  • The Russian senate convicted him of conspiring against his father and he was sentenced to death.
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