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  • No free image could be found that would convey the same information.
  • Then they conveyed it to the seven towns through which the line passed.
  • If so, how do you convey this experience to others who have not had a similar experience?
  • A feeling or sense is conveyed, without it being fully clear what it is about.
  • He conveys to her about his love and asks her to leave her husband.
  • This information will be conveyed to you among your special orders.
  • He used many different techniques to convey the message that he wanted to get across.
  • No non-free content could be found conveying the same information.
  • He little cared what he conveyed so long as he got paid.
  • Each of the album's four tracks conveys a part of the story.
  • The introduction includes language on the need for using as few words as possible to convey information.
  • The figure is always the most important and conveys all the artist has to express.
  • They can also be created to convey social-political awareness on a specific subject.
  • Then the generation following them received it, thus conveying it to those after them and so on.
  • These relationships allow us to use signs to convey what we want to say.
  • In doing so it turns itself inside out and conveys the food to the mouth.
  • So great a joy Who did into my arms convey?
  • In conveying who we are to other people, we use our bodies to project information about ourselves.
  • No time was lost in conveying them up to the spot where the camp was to be fixed. Cited from Hendricks the Hunter, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Another way in which languages convey meaning is through the order of words within a sentence.
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Meaning of convey

  • verb Make known; pass on, of information
    She conveyed the message to me
  • verb Transfer to another
    communicate a disease
  • verb Transmit a title or property