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  • It is not clear why women converted in larger numbers than men.
  • It is the average amount of work done or energy converted per unit of time.
  • There he converted his mother and some other persons; his father he could not win.
  • It is not known how many were converted in this way.
  • To determine the score-line goals must be converted to points and added to the other points.
  • All these nations, however, had been converted long before these dates.
  • The clock does not run during convert attempts in the last three minutes of a half.
  • Due to its success, the movie industry converted entirely to sound almost overnight.
  • Roman temples were converted into Christian churches and city walls remained in use.
  • After the decline of railroad travel, most of the building was converted to other uses.
  • This could be converted into musical notation by hand and then performed by human players.
  • Most of these chapels have now closed, with many converted to other uses.
  • A player can also win by converting all enemy cities on the map.
  • Upon their return home, most converts joined or created small local churches, which grew rapidly.
  • Christian converts have often carried some of their previous customs to their new faith.
  • Many Christian organizations believe that they have a duty to make converts among every people.
  • At night he would bring home new converts and soon Smith's house was full.
  • The bulk of the population converted in the course of the next few centuries.
  • For this reason, authors sometimes choose numbers that can be converted easily.
  • It can then convert the fuel back into water to release the solar energy.
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Meaning of convert

  • noun A person who has been converted to another religious or political belief
  • verb Change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy
    We converted from 220 to 110 Volt
  • verb Change the nature, purpose, or function of something
    convert lead into gold, convert hotels into jails, convert slaves to laborers
  • verb Change religious beliefs, or adopt a religious belief
    She converted to Buddhism
  • verb Cause to adopt a new or different faith
    The missionaries converted the Indian population
  • verb Score an extra point or points after touchdown by kicking the ball through the uprights or advancing the ball into the end zone
    Smith converted and his team won
  • verb Complete successfully
    score a penalty shot or free throw
  • verb Score (a spare)
  • verb Make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something
    He had finally convinced several customers of the advantages of his product
  • verb Change in nature, purpose, or function; undergo a chemical change
    The substance converts to an acid