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  • Conversely, if the same is done with the left hand, a left-handed system results.
  • Conversely, one can keep to a great circle and the bearing may change.
  • Conversely, the bodies of people who had certain medical conditions are useful for research into those conditions.
  • Conversely, the left-hand side is everything on the left side.
  • Conversely, a piece does not have to be on a central square to control the center.
  • Conversely, non-material forms of energy can perish into matter, which has rest mass.
  • Conversely, a person may feel that he belongs to one state without having any legal relationship to it.
  • Conversely, several actors have remained playing the same character for many years, or decades even.
  • Conversely, they have to drive the cattle towards wet areas during the dry summer.
  • Conversely, some first-language speakers may choose not to report themselves as such.
  • According to him, knowledge is a form of power and can conversely be used against individuals as a form of power.
  • What is suggested by characters who are close to (or, conversely, far away from) each other?
  • Conversely, white is thought a cool color that helps during the hot summer months.
  • Conversely, an object above the water has a higher apparent height when viewed from below the water.
  • A number normal in base b is rich in base b, but not necessarily conversely.
  • Conversely, it appeared the project would not be likely to significantly impact other, more important, research efforts.
  • Conversely, if no advantage is gained from kicking the ball, play should continue.
  • Conversely, any one name may have several possible written forms, and again, only one will be correct for a given individual.
  • Conversely if he loses, he is assumed to have performed at a lower level.
  • Conversely, the failure to meet any of these needs must result in some form of strategic retreat.
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  • adverb With the terms of the relation reversed
    conversely, not all women are mothers