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  • Convergent thinking is many times referred to in this same line of thought.
  • Two convergent factors had led up to this sudden change in his life. Cited from A Girl Among the Anarchists, by Isabel Meredith
  • Convergent flow is the movement of ground water to a common area.
  • Its creation became one of media history's first convergent entertainment productions.
  • The first method developed the solution in a series which was then proved convergent within limits.
  • Reyes began working full-time position at Convergent while taking evening classes in order to complete his degree.
  • This is an example of convergent evolution because they are not closely related.
  • One can show that a convergent sequence has only one limit.
  • When both sides of the critical pair can reduce to the same term, the critical pair is called convergent.
  • Its bird-like features are instead an example of convergent evolution.
  • In this period a convergent plate boundary developed along the eastern edge of a small island chain.
  • Once a sufficient amount of ideas have been explored, convergent thinking can be used.
  • He illustrates the reason why convergent evolution occurs by using two small models of commercial aircraft.
  • The latter seemingly convergent with animal rights thinking in seeing animal experience as worthy in itself.
  • Rates of interest only place the convergent center at a nearer or more remote period. Cited from Usury, by Calvin Elliott
  • Such infinite linear combinations do not always make sense; we call them convergent when they do.
  • They favor the use of convergent information in assessing the medical value of plants.
  • The changes in brain activity were studied in subjects during both convergent and divergent thinking.
  • Every convergent sequence in such a space is eventually constant, hence every set is sequentially open.
  • They look a great deal like shrews and are an example of convergent evolution.
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Meaning of convergent

  • adjective Tending to come together from different directions