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  • This is only about half the rate of convergence of seven million years ago.
  • Convergence culture took what started as a film and expanded it across almost every type of media.
  • The Convergence attracted more people to the movement than any other single event.
  • In some cases these are provided at the convergence of running lines.
  • The idea of media convergence is also becoming a major factor in education, particularly higher education.
  • It was important meeting place for these tribes and remains a place of convergence.
  • More than one common signal may show convergences by the parties.
  • The convergence of political and economic or cultural power is by no means universal.
  • Other studies have found evidence of price convergence, in particular for cars.
  • Convergence between the two continues at a rate of per year.
  • With his further contributions, this area has now become a major field of research in language contact and convergence.
  • Most published research historically has focused on the convergence of the power tower function.
  • But it does not say anything about the convergence of e to zero.
  • However good this sounds, this may be dangerous as this might prevent convergence.
  • Without an equally strong convergence on the new result, the weight of evidence will still favor the established result.
  • The differences within mixed communities were probably, at that time, less than the convergences.
  • The two ideas are equivalent in the sense that they give the same concept of convergence.
  • Nothing can be said in general about convergence since it depends on a number of factors.
  • In practice these results are local, and the neighborhood of convergence is not known in advance.
  • The region of convergence must therefore include the unit circle.
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Meaning of convergence

  • noun The occurrence of two or more things coming together
  • noun The approach of an infinite series to a finite limit
  • noun The act of converging (coming closer)