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  • All conventionalization is in the interest of increased beauty of line. Cited from The Principles Of Aesthetics, by Dewitt H. Parker
  • There is the same conventionalization in treatment, again charming. Cited from An Art-Lover's Guide to the Exposition, by Cheney
  • Was the conventionalization of the octopus design much more ancient than the earliest Trojan examples of the symbol? Cited from The Evolution of the Dragon, by G. Elliot Smith
  • Though the pictographic origins of these characters are apparent, they have already undergone extensive simplification and conventionalization.
  • To appreciate Japanese art it is necessary to become accustomed to the conventionalization of treatment-to understand what the artist was after, and to judge from that standpoint. Cited from An Art-Lover's Guide to the Exposition, by Cheney
  • Holland suggests that this results in what she calls a "numbness" and "conventionalization" of contemporary cinema.
  • Another trait of cognitive semantics is the recognition that meaning is not fixed but a matter of construal and conventionalization.
  • Many critics attributed the conventionalization of gay pornography of the '80s to this trend.
  • Nevertheless, judgments regarding distinctions between languages may be subjective, particularly in the case of oral language varieties without established literary traditions, usage in education or media, or other factors that contribute to language conventionalization.
  • Even in the work of Surrey and Wyatt themselves we find poems which, were it not for the general tradition to which they belong, one would have no difficulty in regarding as a natural development and conventionalization of the native tendency. Cited from Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama, by Walter W. Greg
  • In 1910 Metzner met the vacationing Frank Lloyd Wright and, according to the scholarship of Anthony Alofsin, Metzer had an impact on Wright's "conventionalization" of the human figure and its incorporation into buildings like the Larkin Building and Midway Gardens.

Meaning of conventionalization

  • noun The act of conventionalizing; conforming to a conventional style