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  • She then joined a convent and dropped out of sight for a while.
  • Today only the church tower and some remains of the convent building are visible.
  • He agreed, if only she would give him a young girl in the convent for a wife.
  • Who can tell what these convents did, and what they gave and supplied? Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 24, Ed. by Blair & Robertson
  • To the south of the church was a convent, some of whose buildings remain.
  • Many left the convent while very few young women entered.
  • They later learn she has gone to live in a convent.
  • For several months prior to her death, she was unable to take an active part in convent life.
  • He was a minister in various places, and had been prior of several convents. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 21, Ed. by Blair & Robertson
  • Convents and church-run schools were established by the different religious orders.
  • The temple together with the near-built cells were primary used as a convent for young girls.
  • But to your last: you ask me a particular account of the convents here. Cited from The History of Emily Montague, by Frances Brooke
  • The college occupied several existing convent structures and new construction was required.
  • The Sisters remained in the area until their original convent was destroyed by fire.
  • The young ladies that made up these convents were typically forced there by family.
  • There are a good many convents here, and I shall try to visit one. Cited from First Impressions of the New World, by Isabella Strange Trotter
  • He followed her to theatre, to convents, church, and seemed like her shadow. Cited from Great Singers, First Series, by George T. Ferris
  • She came from a wealthy upper-class family, and attended a convent school when she was eight.
  • The rest of the convent buildings date from the early 20th century.
  • Convent has an area of, of which is land and is water.
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Meaning of convent

  • noun A religious residence especially for nuns
  • noun A community of people in a religious order (especially nuns) living together