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  • The school was conveniently located directly across the street from his home.
  • Smith had also conveniently destroyed or lost all of his own bank account records for that period.
  • Such Persons who cannot conveniently go to him, shall be attended at their own Houses.
  • At this point, he has only shown that their existence could conveniently explain this mental process.
  • African cultural history is conveniently spoken of in terms of language group.
  • Some of the stories conveniently claimed that sources could not be revealed for security reasons.
  • The park is conveniently located in the center of town, directly adjacent to the village hall.
  • The area provides training facilities for the teams with two football training grounds conveniently located next to the stadium.
  • It has a beautiful natural lake within the township and is very conveniently located in electronic city.
  • She tells him that they need a big story or she is going to get fired, conveniently, in three days.
  • The latter three are not only conveniently related to its properties, but also to the order of the group.
  • The Library has a large Reading Room where students can sit to read books conveniently.
  • The packaging played a major role behind its success, since it could be carried easily and conveniently.
  • This is important safety information of your surroundings, conveniently in front of your eyes.
  • This new site was conveniently in the heart of the town.
  • Railway lines, being physical lines, are often conveniently used for administrative boundaries.
  • By having a conveniently organized area to work on, concentration will increase as well as effort.
  • Consequently it became possible to build a far more conveniently located station, near to the town centre and the beach.
  • The two-story library is conveniently located near the college's student center and dormitories.
  • This is often more conveniently expressed as the rate of momentum change over time.
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