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  • The town also lies on several public bus routes offering convenient service to other towns on the island.
  • Therefore, given a power of, it can be assumed that, This is often convenient.
  • The use of tea bags is easy and convenient, making them popular for many people today.
  • Rather they only serve to make city planning and other administrative tasks easier and more convenient.
  • When combined with the large physical size of the region, more people use automobiles for convenient travel.
  • Men still use bathhouses as a convenient, safe place to meet other men for sex.
  • Both parametrizations are common because either can be more convenient depending on the situation.
  • Ticket prices were set low, and performances took place at convenient, after-work hours.
  • All characters are able to switch to a completely opposite opinion in seconds when convenient.
  • Free-body diagrams can be used as a convenient way to keep track of forces acting on a system.
  • That is, a population is selected because it is readily available and convenient.
  • Cars became much more practical, convenient and comfortable during this period.
  • Many business offices began moving away from the traditional downtown office building into more convenient neighborhood office plazas.
  • The railway network is highly developed, convenient, and accessible year-round.
  • This division is convenient but it may not be original.
  • These factors made the rear-entry standing position more convenient.
  • This can be a convenient way to get around but it is also potentially dangerous.
  • Despite its size and convenient location near to Parliament, few early Prime Ministers lived there.
  • There is a bridge where train watchers can watch trains in a convenient location.
  • In the course of time both wings of the castle lost military importance, which for residential purposes has become very convenient.
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Meaning of convenient

  • adjective Suited to your comfort or purpose or needs
    a convenient excuse for not going