convenient way

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  • The most convenient way of transport is the rail to several cities.
  • Marrying a rich woman, after all, is the most convenient way to speed his career.
  • The numbers provide a convenient way for the various production departments to reference individual scenes.
  • It appeared, then, that two feet from our door we had a most convenient way down into the cellar. Cited from The South Pole, Vols 1 and 2, Roald Amundsen
  • Free-body diagrams can be used as a convenient way to keep track of forces acting on a system.
  • They also serve as a convenient way from the maintenance staff to move between tunnels.
  • "How often do things fit themselves to one's wishes in this convenient way?" she asked herself. Cited from Blind Love, by Wilkie Collins
  • This can be a convenient way to get around but it is also potentially dangerous.
  • We will add yet another very convenient way by which a great multitude of books old as well as new came into our hands. Cited from The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury
  • Being only two hours away from the city, it is a convenient way to spend your summer relaxing.
  • Then, sixteen cards are dealt below the formation in any convenient way possible.
  • Provides a more convenient way of initializing public fields and properties of an object.
  • Applications offer a low cost, convenient way to access telephony services while traveling.
  • They can also be used like a twist tie as a convenient way to tie something.
  • This also makes it a useful format for solid-state memory cards and a convenient way to share data between operating systems.
  • And there's one quick, convenient way of getting rid of you. Cited from Black Jack, by Max Brand
  • Workmen should be helped to master these psychological problems, to find the most convenient ways of doing their work. Cited from The Science of Human Nature, by William Henry Pyle
  • Getting chocolate favors online is also a very convenient way of doing so.
  • This idea has been said to be a more cost effective and convenient way to form programs around the needs of citizens rather than civil servants.
  • Combos are also the most convenient way to capture an enemy general and have them serve the player's army.
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