convenient parking

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  • They are located centrally and offer convenient parking facilities.
  • Time did not help; due to a lack of publicity and convenient parking, the National Visitor Center was never popular.
  • Convenient parking on the sand bar adjacent to the highway has made the lagoon a popular scenic rest area for motorists.
  • The campus now looks more like a university campus stretching six blocks with easy access, convenient parking, covered walkways, ponds, water fountains, gardens and a track for walking and running.
  • There is a convenient parking area and some overnight accommodation available in Planina pod Golico.
  • Features of the facility include: beach area, picnic tables, barbecues, docks, classrooms, weight room, work out Mezzanine, offices, and convenient parking.
  • It also is much nicer for audiences, production teams and other volunteers, since it is handicapped accessible, has convenient parking, restaurants within walking distance and is in Schenectady's developing arts district.
  • Downtown Raleigh, which had been the primary shopping location in the Raleigh area, started to see a decline in business as consumers gravitated toward the convenient parking of Cameron Village.
  • Bicycle parking involves the infrastructure and equipment (bike racks, bicycle locks etc.) to enable secure and convenient parking of bicycles.