convenient location

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  • It is a popular place to live due to its convenient location.
  • The station was established because of its convenient location at a rail junction.
  • After his promotion to the detective force, he remained here because of the convenient location. Cited from The Sheridan Road Mystery by Paul and Mabel Thorne
  • It was chosen both because of its convenient location and for its seating capacity.
  • Course are nine weeks and meet at many convenient locations.
  • To make way for a highway, techniques were developed for moving some of the houses to a more convenient location.
  • Since it is situated in a convenient location in the city, it is very easily accessible.
  • A small exercise gym has been recently installed and offers students a convenient location for working-out.
  • Despite its size and convenient location near to Parliament, few early Prime Ministers lived there.
  • There is a bridge where train watchers can watch trains in a convenient location.
  • Under this scheme, the airport would have provided a new church and hall "in a more convenient location".
  • Such stations take advantage of existing train service and encourage new riders by providing a more convenient location.
  • Market places were opened at convenient locations to make the marketing of products easier.
  • Imagine a convenient location near Reading, Pennsylvania, with professional on-site management to support your business.
  • It was not close to much of the Jewish community, but was a convenient location to purchase.
  • The convenient location of the port and its independence as a city and state for centuries strengthened this position.
  • And nearly everyone has the most convenient location. Cited from A Beautiful Possibility, by Edith Ferguson Black
  • He appreciated the possibilities of the property and its convenient location and purchased the entire property the following year.
  • The name reflects the city's convenient location amongst a number of metropolitan areas and its transportation network.
  • It was founded in 2010 to offer a more convenient location for students, most of whom walk to school.
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