convenient access

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  • The town has convenient access to traffic, with over of high-grade highway.
  • It was simply a sign beside the railway at a convenient access point near a road.
  • This campus will offer convenient access for under-served city residents.
  • This room also allowed convenient access for servants to the main rooms of the house.
  • For this to happen, they needed easy and convenient access to basic human services.
  • Engine compartments have doors on all sides, providing convenient access to all the systems inside.
  • The move provided students with more convenient access to the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Extensive car parks, with access from all sides of the shopping centre provide convenient access for cars.
  • The airport offers convenient access to and from the Central Coast.
  • This convenient access to the Grand River has drawn nature-seeking tourists to the city.
  • For convenient access, a small bridge was built.
  • Both the middle and elementary schools have convenient access to a nature trail which is located in the woods behind the buildings.
  • The main entrance is centered on the southern side, placed there for convenient access to the carriage drive.
  • His principles specified that a site should be of historical interest, and it should have convenient access for visitors.
  • Canada had convenient access to the country which alone had a surplus of factory goods. Cited from The Masques of Ottawa, by Domino [AKA: Augustus Bridle]
  • This provided convenient access to the White City BBC television studios where he later became a frequent guest.
  • The site has a convenient access to Astana's city center, the international airport and the railway station.
  • The emergency department offers ambulances and walk-in patients convenient access to advanced emergency care.
  • The plate is set upright with the help of a stand and usually located next to the computer screen for convenient access.
  • However, they are in #Introduced in season 10 for more convenient access.
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