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  • Major cities are covered by convenient train services of every one hour or more frequent.
  • It is possible that he intended to send for her at a more convenient time.
  • It was then outside the city proper, but close enough to be convenient.
  • Care should also be taken to schedule a call at a convenient time.
  • We had to pull along them some distance to find a convenient landing-place. Cited from Peter Trawl, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • It has made material and passenger transportation between the two provinces much more convenient.
  • In some cases it is more convenient to use a base for the closed sets rather than the open ones.
  • For technical reasons it is also often convenient only to consider positive weight functions.
  • Sometimes these other units are more convenient to use.
  • This god brings about what is convenient, fit, and comes in the right moment.
  • But for a while bad roads existed and the race used them because increasing car traffic made them convenient.
  • Other prime-counting functions are also used because they are more convenient to work with.
  • This makes some operations less convenient and others impossible.
  • For many purposes it is convenient to work with an ordered basis.
  • They might sell to the same company when the price was agreeable/convenient.
  • Sometimes they were cut on convenient rock faces, sometimes upon the walls of temples or other buildings.
  • Soon came the discontinuance of passenger train service because cars were so much more convenient.
  • In other areas, such as formal analysis, it is more convenient to work directly with the power series themselves.
  • Over time he finds it convenient to believe Susan probably is dead.
  • The elections are conducted by post over a three-week period to make it as convenient as possible for people to vote.
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Meaning of convenient

  • adjective Suited to your comfort or purpose or needs
    a convenient excuse for not going