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  • It showed no convective cells on the aircraft's path and he turned it off.
  • The next day, convective activity increased near the storm's center.
  • Most aircraft flying these routes are able to avoid the larger convective cells without incident.
  • The following day, a low-level circulation developed and convective activity began to increase around the low.
  • Some research has also been done on the effect of different types of convective dryers.
  • They form when a strong convective updraft is formed near the ground on a hot day.
  • If the expansion occurs below a convective zone then nothing will be visible at the surface.
  • The snow must be completely caused by a convective snow development over a lake and not by a low pressure system.
  • A tropical wave entered the area two days later, resulting in an increase of convective organization and area.
  • Not long after moving over water, convective banding features formed around a developing area of low pressure.
  • Several hours after being designated, the system began to develop convective banding features.
  • A central convective feature formed, and the system became a tropical depression that afternoon.
  • Situated in an environment without significant convective activity, this system initially struggled to become organized.
  • The most used method is based on the convective heat transfer.
  • It already began to show a defined organization with some convective banding that same day.
  • A red mass, depicting strong convective activity, is present along the eastern side of the storm.
  • A good example of convective instability can be found in our own atmosphere.
  • Nearby convective weather activity during the summer months can make the band completely unusable, even for local communications.
  • By late afternoon a surface low formed with enough convective activity to be designated a tropical depression.
  • By the late morning hours, little convective activity remained around the low pressure center of Felicia.
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