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  • And, with his controllable right hand, he took her hand as she stood by the bed. Cited from The Old Wives' Tale, by Arnold Bennett
  • While the support characters are not controllable, they are able to help the player when called out.
  • Prior experience suggests that events may be less controllable than previously believed.
  • If a state is not controllable, then no signal will ever be able to control the state.
  • There can be up to eight controllable humans in a level, though some levels only allow as few as three.
  • Their results being controllable by experience, they escape all criticism. Cited from The Psychology of Revolution, Gustave le Bon
  • The main problem here is that they are less controllable.
  • Controllable factors include: the environment/society and culture they are born to.
  • With these types of controlled applications, the surface finish of the work piece is highly controllable.
  • While the finished game used a single controllable character, the team experimented with a multi-character battle system.
  • You then may create your own controllable monster by combining the parts into a single creature.
  • This is to make the combination of private content and protected music controllable.
  • There are roughly a hundred and forty controllable units which will fight and, in some cases, build buildings.
  • One of our duties, then, is to control that part of the male death-rate, if any, which is controllable. Cited from Woman and Womanhood, by C. W. Saleeby
  • The rate of construction is entirely controllable, and can be halted at any height.
  • The current was less fierce and consequently the boats were always more controllable. Cited from The Romance of the Colorado River, F. Dellenbaugh
  • The system must be considered controllable in order to implement this method.
  • A similar but more controllable effect can be obtained using a stroboscope.
  • Other controllable attributes can include such things as changes in color, size, or transparency.
  • The Alliance experimented on the population to find a way to make people more controllable.
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