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  • Fox was contractually required to show the entire race on its broadcast network.
  • For example, money in banks and other forms of investment are contractually bound.
  • Several companies will offer contractually more time, depending on the sector.
  • The commercial operation date also specifies the period of operation, including an end date that is contractually agreed upon.
  • He had control of the final cut, but was contractually obliged to deliver a film no longer than two hours.
  • Contractually, he had final cut and once he reached a length he felt was right, the director refused to make any further cuts.
  • Lynch agreed, and in doing so was also contractually obliged to produce two other works for the company.
  • The Bank was therefore contractually bound to honour its customer's demand to pay him.
  • Subsequently, this practice prevented accounts from being charged off that were severely contractually past due.
  • The Holy See, however, regarded the post-war territorial changes not yet contractually confirmed.
  • Only those rights which actually did accrue contractually to employees prior to the transfer are transferred.
  • Loren was contractually signed because she made much of the wardrobe she appeared in during television and live performances.
  • Institutions are required, contractually, to follow their own rules.
  • The initial three-week run was extended to eleven and finally closed because the theater was contractually obligated to another production.
  • They would also contractually guarantee industrial offsets in the same amount as the aircraft purchase contract value.
  • The Ford Foundation continued to support the institute, though these grants were contractually limited to social studies.
  • Once contractually accepted the rate will apply whether the actual damages are higher or lower than the pre-estimate.
  • All three were reportedly very unhappy about joining the band, but were contractually obliged.
  • He was contractually required to attend for only six hours a week, teaching composition and arranging class-lists.
  • The stadium itself will retain its current name as is contractually obligated.
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Meaning of contractually

  • adverb By virtue of a contract
    they were contractually responsible