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  • It is much less common in the east, where its range is contracting.
  • He followed his trade of contracting and building and also taught school.
  • The results of the research then became the property of the contracting company.
  • The force is in the process of contracting after several years of growth.
  • He helped with the contracting, and provided workers to help with the buildings.
  • Alternative forms of construction contract are a project management approach and alliance contracting.
  • The condition is associated with the fear of contracting the disease in question.
  • In principle a group of workers can also sell their labour-power as an independent contracting party.
  • Government contracting is an important part of the region's economy.
  • The contracting with the new organization for services to the council.
  • The plot line about the defense contracting controversy is apparently based on a real-life incident.
  • This will make it more attractive to both business people and potential Contracting States.
  • He is the owner of his own weapons contracting company.
  • Afterward, he spent a short time in real estate and insurance, then went into building and contracting.
  • Silver Creek maintains its own transportation department, rather than contracting for school-bus service.
  • He has run two companies during his 20-year contracting career.
  • Design, contracting and construction of the redevelopment are expected to take three years.
  • One of these leaves was believed to be due to his contracting hepatitis.
  • He later worked in the contracting business, building street railways, water works, and bridges.
  • He returned to New Orleans and retired from music, going into the construction and contracting business.
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Root form of contracting is contract for the verb.

Synonyms of contracting

Meaning of contracting

  • verb Enter into a contractual arrangement
  • verb Be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
    He got AIDS, She came down with pneumonia, She took a chill
  • verb Make smaller
    The heat contracted the woollen garment