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  • Info The COmet Nucleus TOUR (CONTOUR) was a NASA Discovery-class space probe that failed shortly after its July 2002 launch. more...
  • For most of its length, its course was close to the modern contour.
  • Contours show several things; among them the height of the ground they cross. Cited from Manual for Infantry, by War Department
  • The national park has an area of, most of which is above the contour line.
  • They are small enough to be within reach, but big enough and contoured to speed-type.
  • The streets wind around generally following the contours of the river and the trees tower over all.
  • Wind direction also changes because of the contour of the land.
  • What forces drove the process of sustained growth along and determined its contours?
  • These usually take the form of very thin lines and contours.
  • The song did not appear on any original Contours studio album.
  • The first section would be a contour canal of about in length.
  • The figure to the right shows the length of this contour as a function of time.
  • The west and south boundaries follow power lines and contours along the base of the mountains.
  • When maps with contour lines became common, the idea spread to other applications.
  • He felt the contours of her body through her clothes. Cited from The Pretty Lady , by Arnold E. Bennett
  • After the log has been removed, the area is then restored to its original contours.
  • On constant pressure upper level charts, it is located within the highest height line contour.
  • The contours are irregular and the highest point is about above sea level.
  • The land is generally just below above sea level, that contour passing through Little London Green.
  • By this time, signal contours were no longer an issue and Gray could keep both stations.
  • We now observe the two island contours gradually expand and grow toward each other.
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Meaning of contour

  • noun A line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height
  • noun A feature (or the order or arrangement of features) of anything having a complex structure
    the contours of the melody, it defines a major contour of this administration
  • verb Form the contours of