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  • Over time, their network has grown to include many cities on three continents.
  • White visited six of the seven continents at least once in his long life.
  • The movie was shot over the course of four years on all seven continents.
  • Forty days was not long enough for a campaign, especially one on the continent.
  • She resolved to provide more advanced training than she saw on the Continent.
  • There is also living evidence -- the same animals being found on two continents.
  • The teams qualified for the championship by winning their continent's primary cup competition.
  • By its conclusion, she visited ten countries and performed twenty-one shows across two continents.
  • It is the continent's, and perhaps the world's, largest trade center.
  • The southern North American continent is often recognized as being composed of two regions.
  • These international events have taken place in numerous locations on six continents.
  • This region of the continent is very rich in terms of ethnic groups.
  • The teams had qualified for the competition by winning their continent's primary cup competition.
  • It was, until that time, the largest land battle on the North American continent.
  • They covered some and made twenty port calls on six continents.
  • Equal elements of musical tradition are common through much of the Australian continent, and even beyond.
  • The area became home to some of the continent's greatest universities.
  • Nearly every continent in the world has experienced a period of famine throughout history.
  • This is one of the few places the fish can be found on the North American continent.
  • The group started its celebration with a grand world tour that took them to five continents.
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Meaning of continent

  • noun One of the large landmasses of the earth
    there are seven continents, pioneers had to cross the continent on foot
  • noun The european mainland
    Englishmen like to visit the Continent but they wouldn't like to live there
  • adjective Having control over urination and defecation