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  • The contiguous section may also be taken from the middle of the deck.
  • This symbol table is built in three parts which are recorded together as contiguous data.
  • Contiguous data is recognized by the fact that it must be in a particular order to keep its meaning.
  • The territory was not contiguous, being divided into two major and several minor portions.
  • The main and south campus are contiguous while the north campus is located about two miles north of the main campus.
  • This made it the largest national park in the contiguous United States.
  • Eyes in male in most cases close-set or contiguous.
  • The size of the floor should only include the largest contiguous area without obstructions.
  • On one hand, the land often appears to be contiguous with 'ordinary' land.
  • User programs are restricted to use only a contiguous area of main memory.
  • Five species are known from the contiguous United States, all limited to southern Florida.
  • As a result, the rail network within Wales is no longer contiguous.
  • Deliveries outside the contiguous United States may take longer than those listed below.
  • These classes represent a contiguous extent of memory, together with a small number of data transfer operations.
  • The organization initially purchased the which was to host the commercial development, and additional non-contiguous areas have been added since.
  • There are also various large areas in which the amount of development is substantial, although not contiguous.
  • Small shops were built mainly of brick and were mostly contiguous to each other.
  • The major islands of Japan are covered by a single, contiguous structure known as the Host.
  • Although the sections are contiguous, the only way to travel from one to the other is via a county road.
  • Often memory fragmentation results in there being not enough contiguous memory even though there may be enough in total.
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