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  • Info A contestant is someone who takes part in a competition, usually a professional competition or a game show on television. more...
  • After the fourth country, the contestant with more points got to round four.
  • Contestants can work alone or in groups of up to four people.
  • Every contestant is allowed five minutes of set up time and three minutes to perform.
  • A team of four contestants would direct the forces on one side.
  • Instead, the contestants only had to name the line and then the word.
  • However, contestants could continue to play until losing twice or winning a new car.
  • At the end of each round, contestants must vote one player out of the game.
  • The contestant entered by writing his or her name on a small sign-in board.
  • Getting the answer wrong forced the contestant to pass during the next question.
  • All contestants in the competition were required to have red hair in the earlier years.
  • Just like the other seasons, the contestants will travel around the world.
  • Loss of a contestant's final life removed him or her from the game.
  • If both letters were placed and the contestant still did not know the word, their turn continued.
  • Each edition featured two contestants; one a school student and the other a teacher.
  • For the next round, the contestants put themselves in small groups and perform a song together.
  • Main game contestants are asked increasingly difficult general knowledge questions by the host.
  • In the next round, contestants would have the chance of winning money.
  • Three individual contestants appeared on each episode, one at a time.
  • After all four groups had performed, eight contestants would then be brought back for a wild card show.
  • Contestants have to fall to the floor as fast as possible from a standing position.
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  • noun A person who participates in competitions