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  • More contentious than the lower house was the question of the upper house.
  • The matter had been contentious since coal was discovered there three years earlier.
  • Free trade proved contentious, as did the issue of equal rights before the law.
  • It is a contentious issue because very little historical material is available.
  • The power of a president to fire executive officials has long been a contentious political issue.
  • What to do with the island remains a contentious issue since neither side can come to any agreement.
  • Having reserve teams play within the league system rather than a separate reserve league is a contentious issue.
  • In its early years, the county seat changed frequently, often with contentious debate.
  • The idea that human population is tied to food supply is contentious, however.
  • Leaving land to the Church had a long and contentious history in England.
  • The relationship between the provincial government and the crown-appointed governor was often difficult and contentious.
  • Even where such division is held contentious, the rule can still be the starting point of negotiations.
  • Brown's mother later left the family after a contentious marriage and moved to New York.
  • Government financial aid to the Catholic Church was a difficult and contentious issue.
  • The bridge construction has been a contentious political issue since the inception of the idea.
  • Later, under the English, it became the beginning point for contentious land claims in the mountains.
  • This view was highly contentious at the time, and not generally accepted.
  • The selection of an official language (or no official language) is often contentious.
  • The strike was over the contentious issue of who holds the power to set education policy in the province.
  • One of the most contentious issues was whether or not slavery would be allowed in the area.
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