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  • He slowly begins to contemplate taking their relationship to a whole new level.
  • But why does the artist move away from the work which he contemplates? Cited from Delsarte System of Oratory, by Francois Delsarte et al.
  • He spent one year in the death cell, where he contemplated life and death.
  • Upon returning home from the show, he began writing songs and contemplated recording them.
  • To cause to be carried out such works as are contemplated in any development plan.
  • During the last few months of his terms he was contemplating whether to run for office again.
  • He held office until his death although he had been contemplating retirement due to ill health.
  • The government had been contemplating taking over all the road transport in the state.
  • After this he contemplated giving up football, to start a new career as a police officer.
  • "I am not sure whether you know what we contemplate in these next few days?" Cited from The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood, by Arthur Griffiths
  • Other countries appear to have contemplated using the method, sometimes for special reasons.
  • A third version contemplates that the village took its name due to standing in a valley.
  • She is just a normal woman with her own problems which she is contemplating.
  • At this he was thirty-six years old and most players would contemplate retirement.
  • So far as I know they contemplate nothing of the kind now. Cited from Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 2, by Boutwell
  • In fact, he attended a religious school and even contemplated becoming a priest.
  • "But just how do you contemplate going to the aid of your country?" Cited from The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service, by James R. Driscoll
  • When one contemplates the people it appears as though they celebrated a festival every day.
  • The general plan of attack did not contemplate any advance from here. Cited from With the British Army in The Holy Land, by Henry Osmond Lock
  • Given these differences, many in the west had long contemplated a separate state.
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Meaning of contemplate

  • verb Look at thoughtfully; observe deep in thought
    contemplate one's navel
  • verb Consider as a possibility
    I contemplated leaving school and taking a full-time job