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  • As a result, the supply of fresh water has received further contaminants.
  • Many of these contaminants were also found in breast milk of women living near the area.
  • However some of the contaminants may by chance enter the second tank.
  • Each device is often specifically designed to measure a specific or particular type of contaminant.
  • This zone is important as the first line of defense against contaminants.
  • The gas must be completely dry and free of any contaminants.
  • This approach begins by looking at different sources of contaminants such as industries and power plants.
  • All non-glass contaminants must generally be removed from the glass prior to recycling.
  • In addition, fast growth rate can increase the defect rate, especially if contaminants are present.
  • This type of failure will introduce into the product stream small to large metal contaminants.
  • It may also refer to any means of containing flow with possible contaminants by means of a low wall.
  • Contaminants are one of the main threats to these species, along with urban development.
  • All these products have a very low content of sulfur and other contaminants.
  • In broad policy terms, food safety can be described as an attempt to limit contaminants in the food supply.
  • This water may not be kept in glass as contaminants will leach out into the water.
  • The cap designs usually are over small areas with small volumes of contaminants.
  • Bodies of water are tested for contaminants based on their intended use.
  • These systems can provide solutions to many air contaminant problems.
  • Public water systems are required to regularly monitor their water for contaminants.
  • Regulations may require certain maximum contaminant levels or may require specific treatment techniques.
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Meaning of contaminant

  • noun A substance that contaminates