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  • They are highly independent and will range far and wide without containment, with little regard for road traffic.
  • This model is held in high regard within the international containment laboratory community.
  • Today there are four containment systems in use for new build vessels.
  • A single vessel can carry out a sequence of different operations without the need to break containment.
  • They are often built into a hillside in order to provide additional containment mass.
  • The facility was later expanded with wooden buildings and turned into a containment.
  • Finally, the real iron containment by means of engineer equipment was built.
  • Because of this they were not provided with secondary containment features.
  • Although containment was announced at that time, the fire continued.
  • Containment was a foreign policy used by the United States during the Cold War.
  • Every time he is done controlling them, he puts them back in their containment cells.
  • The largest part of the rod fell down into the containment vessel, still burning.
  • No damage was done to the plant's containment buildings.
  • Remaining materials would be treated in place and then contained within an engineered containment system.
  • Containment systems are designed to prevent the release of radioactive material into the environment.
  • Once again Slimer goes into the containment unit to bring him out.
  • The upgrade to the run-off containment area added many new measures for a vehicle out of control.
  • Containment actions may or may not be needed based on where the problem occurred in the life cycle of the product.
  • This level of containment represents an isolated unit independent of other areas.
  • Containment can be referred to as any way to keep an opponent in check as well.
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Meaning of containment

  • noun A policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology or to force it to negotiate peacefully
    containment of communist expansion was a central principle of United States' foreign policy from 1947 to the 1975
  • noun (physics) a system designed to prevent the accidental release of radioactive material from a reactor
  • noun The act of containing; keeping something from spreading
    the containment of the AIDS epidemic, the containment of the rebellion