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  • The rest of the families together contain only about five hundred species.
  • A letter is a written message from one party to another containing information.
  • Many of his works also contain letters and words added to the painting.
  • The first box score known containing the name Young came from that season.
  • The alliance contained both a public economic section and a secret military one.
  • This album contains b-sides from singles and other non-album tracks.
  • It contains a post office, a chapel, several houses and a small play park.
  • The second category contained the force that would eventually bear his name.
  • History paintings almost always contain a number of figures, often a large number.
  • This test contains an example of call-by-name.
  • An empty list is a list that contains no data records.
  • It is not known what this letter might have contained.
  • The eighth is the largest, containing works written over a thirty-year period.
  • The primary characteristic of a class is that it contains a set of features.
  • The park contains a castle, as well as a train that takes visitors through the park.
  • The album contains twenty-one tracks from six studio albums.
  • The box set contained extended episodes, an episode guide, and original special features.
  • In the second stage are narrow square-headed windows, and the third stage contains two-light windows.
  • It was also the first book containing the words "science fiction" in the title.
  • The building also contains administration, management, emergency department and radio service offices.
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Meaning of contain

  • verb Be divisible by
    24 contains 6
  • verb Be capable of holding or containing
    This box won't take all the items, The flask holds one gallon