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  • He had from the first done this well, he now did it consummately. Cited from Matthew Arnold, by George Saintsbury
  • Nothing, above all, when once one was face to face with it, had been more consummately done. Cited from Embarrassments, by Henry James
  • Not that he ever became consummately literary in the way his two teachers were. Cited from Burning Daylight, by Jack London
  • Never did any one think less of a style or attain it more consummately. Cited from The Mind of the Artist, ed. by Mrs. Laurence Binyon
  • Never have I seen a face so consummately the action's. Cited from Henry Brocken, by Walter J. de la Mare
  • The chief memory that will remain of him is that of a King and man who fought consummately well. Cited from Carlyle's "History of Friedrich II of Prussia V 16
  • But what need I instance in those that are consummately good? Cited from Works Volume 3: Essays and Miscellanies, Plutarch
  • And he acts consummately; other than that there is not much in the movie to write about.
  • And until men have perfectly learned the laws of art in clay and wood, they can consummately know no others. Cited from Lectures on Art, by John Ruskin
  • He knew his audience, held it consummately, and went on. Cited from The Roll-Call, by Arnold Bennett
  • "It is the kind of character he has played often, and consummately, on stage and in films."
  • Was ever man selected for a great public duty so peculiarly and consummately fitted for it? Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327, Vol. 53
  • But these actual things she knew she could do consummately; and she would not risk the production of anything not consummate. Cited from The English Novel, by George Saintsbury
  • I had apparently given him a wrinkle which pleased him most consummately. Cited from The Beetle, by Richard Marsh
  • Nothing, in especial, once you were face to face with it, could show for more consummately DONE. Cited from The Figure in the Carpet, by Henry James
  • He does everything consummately: really, we are all sensible of it. Cited from One of Our Conquerors by G. Meredith, v3
  • In the last six months of this year the King discovered two instruments consummately adapted for executing his will. Cited from England Under the Tudors, by Arthur D. Innes
  • But the old man consummately ignored this complication and directed attention to his son. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume II. (of X.), by Various
  • There is nothing so blissfully right in Rome, nothing more consummately consecrated to style. Cited from Italian Hours, by Henry James
  • Indeed the chief difficulty of the papacy at this time must have been the occupation of the state it had won so consummately. Cited from Ravenna, A Study, by Edward Hutton
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