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  • A new constitution also provided for a national assembly to serve primarily as a consultative body.
  • But the council had only consultative status, and its members were all appointed by the governor general.
  • Youth Council is a non-political consultative body for local government bodies.
  • Many are consultative bodies for more representative political bodies at all levels of government.
  • This council had only consultative powers over the office of the Governor General.
  • The upper consultative council has the power to block legislation from the lower house.
  • It also has an elected parish council, with mostly consultative functions.
  • At the same he time continued as a member of the consultative council of the shipping director.
  • The three major confederations have an important consultative role on national social and economic issues.
  • Chapmanslade also has its own elected parish council of five members, which is almost entirely a consultative body.
  • It had a consultative role only - no powers to make decisions or change laws were given to it.
  • There are two kinds: consultative case stated and appeal by way of case stated.
  • In its place, the military said it had established a consultative council composed of civilian and military leaders.
  • After his retirement from active consultative work he continued to take great interest in the question of leprosy.
  • Previously the Parliament was a weak consultative assembly, the members of which were part-time.
  • The council was mainly consultative, and bills were only given a single reading at the council before being passed.
  • They also work in a consultative role with the United Nations.
  • Under the law, the residents could participate in the management of the establishment through a consultative committee.
  • As he proposed it, it would have been a consultative body, not a legislature.
  • It has a role similar to an oversight committee and has consultative powers.
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