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  • The library also offers free one-on-one consultations on difficult research problems.
  • He called for consultations on a possible return to first past the post.
  • The campaign succeeded in its demand for student consultation over the proposed changes.
  • However, the more modern term president was eventually chosen after public consultations.
  • Many offer social services, medical consultations, and support groups as well as medicine.
  • They felt they had not been included in consultations regarding its terms.
  • This practice of consultation has continued from time to time since.
  • There has been strong local reaction against this development during the brief pre-planning consultation.
  • One-to-one research consultations are provided for graduate students and academic staff.
  • Half of these have already been put in digital form for easier consultation.
  • Trade events and public consultations are held in the town hall.
  • The constitution was written in consultation with the people, and the election commission was set up.
  • Yet this level of consultation can simply mean information about change without detailed participation.
  • She added that the government had to carry out extensive consultations before going ahead with the plans.
  • They did nothing without proper consultation with the gods and signs from them.
  • The road has had almost unanimous community support during public consultations in recent years.
  • Relief also served as general medical consultation center for the fleet.
  • No further public consultation was done in relation to other articles of that Law.
  • It took many years of consultation until an organ was finally allowed.
  • Provides general medical consultations but may also carry out minor operations like circumcisions.
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Meaning of consultation

  • noun A conference (usually with someone important)
    he had a consultation with the judge, he requested an audience with the king
  • noun A conference between two or more people to consider a particular question
    frequent consultations with his lawyer, a consultation of several medical specialists