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  • He met Lord and brought him on board the production as a consultant.
  • After leaving university, he became a farm manager, and later a farm management consultant.
  • He also works as a legal consultant for one of the cities' radio stations.
  • He maintained his interest in civil engineering and was a consultant on several significant projects.
  • One article claimed consultants are being paid more than Australia's prime minister.
  • He also served as campaign manager and political consultant for several state-wide and local political campaigns.
  • He becomes then a consultant and work on development projects in Africa.
  • Her father was a management consultant and her mother a teacher.
  • He has since been a consultant and writer on European affairs.
  • One can also work as consultants or do private practice.
  • However, the four state consultants were found guilty and served prison time.
  • She served as a consultant on Sex and the City for its last three seasons.
  • She also worked as an environmental consultant to many local authorities.
  • She has since become a management consultant and writer.
  • She remained as executive consultant until the end of season four when she left Charmed.
  • Three consultants for the film were murdered shortly after the film's release.
  • Consultants or other sales force members sell products and services directly to customers.
  • Filmon has also worked as a business consultant since his retirement from office.
  • Most business consultants travel regularly to work with clients on project teams directly.
  • Following his defeat he became a consultant on trade unions for First Group.
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