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  • Students also get a chance to provide consultancy to various companies and get paid.
  • She also worked in the consultancy and human resources management and training areas.
  • Since leaving public office, she has worked in the media and in public affairs consultancy.
  • Working with staff and students they build software and provide consultancy for schools.
  • She currently runs an image consultancy and works as a life coach.
  • Two years later he started his own radio programming consultancy business.
  • She took on a part-time consultancy role after her husband became Prime Minister.
  • His consultancy soon became famous for its works in this field.
  • He was involved in various consultancies mainly concerned with media and public relations.
  • He retired from full-time work, but still sometimes engaged in mining consultancy.
  • He has visited various countries all over the world regarding engineering consultancy and management techniques.
  • Other services include short-term technology-related courses, industrial projects and consultancy.
  • After running his own successful design consultancy for several years, he devoted his time to painting and writing.
  • It has a well-maintained museum and faculty active in research and consultancy.
  • The Institute also had an active research programme and offered consultancy services to the local industry.
  • The process has started as a private consultancy scheme and was rather quickly established as part of the legal process.
  • She has led her own business activity for many years operating in the fields of business consultancy, financial services and trade.
  • She has previously founded and developed three successful consultancies.
  • Those are short term training courses, software development and consultancy services.
  • As elsewhere there has been an expansion of professional business services and consultancies.
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Meaning of consultancy

  • noun The practice of giving expert advice within a particular field
    a business management consultancy