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  • According to an agreement, each country was allowed to set up two consulates.
  • International trade is also the reason for the large number of consulates in the city.
  • He ran at top speed until he was safely inside the American consulate.
  • To its left are the white buildings of the Russian consulate area.
  • It is necessary to include that the great majority of foreign consulates should not have a better status.
  • Many modern buildings designed for foreign consulates were built due to the newly established relations with various European countries.
  • He helped to promote those ideas using the press and with his work in the Consulate.
  • He did and before long I left the consulate with my new visa.
  • Five days later, the ship dropped anchor off the American consulate at that port.
  • Sulla regarded his consulate as a very minor matter compared with future events.
  • The establishment of the Consulate brought him back to public life.
  • He did not return until after the establishment of the Consulate.
  • He took refuge in the British Consulate, remaining there for more than four months.
  • The facility originally offered office space to various business tenants, as well as consulates over the years.
  • Citizens living abroad may register at the consulate responsible for the region in which they live.
  • It is further supported by many consulates located through Canada.
  • One must apply through the Italian consulate that has jurisdiction over their place of residence.
  • It is further supported by two consulates-general located throughout in Iran.
  • Like many foreign diplomatic buildings in the world, the consulate general facility has tight security.
  • The high-rise buildings along the avenue are home to many offices and diplomatic consulates.
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Meaning of consulate

  • noun Diplomatic building that serves as the residence or workplace of a consul