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  • The other members would then have three minutes each to offer constructive criticism.
  • Its remains stood sound and safe due to its distance from constructive and agricultural influence.
  • Constructive research is perhaps the most common computer science research method.
  • We share a desire to learn about our heritage in a constructive way.
  • Constructive criticism must always focus on the work rather than the person.
  • During these years he maintained close contact with students, encouraging their more constructive activities.
  • It may sound like a constructive trust at first, but it is not.
  • Some people are not open to any criticism at all, even constructive criticism.
  • Those include constructive applied theories, knowledge base systems, systems for planning and action.
  • In practice, the most common non-classical systems are used in constructive mathematics.
  • Shakespeare returned to port, but was written off as a constructive total loss.
  • The teacher may question their approach to a difficult problem and provide constructive feedback.
  • The state of the political parties at that time made it practically impossible to do anything constructive.
  • Every one proudly looks upon these institutions as efforts in the direction of constructive national activity!
  • The cabinet was the first to be formed after a constructive vote of no confidence.
  • Whether I spent the day in constructive activities or just wasted this valuable time?
  • This re-constructive surgery has been performed countless times, now new techniques are being used.
  • He was known for his leadership qualities and other constructive work.
  • This is often referred to as a constructive trust or a resulting trust.
  • In certain cases, the possession does not need to be actual possession, but may be constructive possession.
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  • adjective Constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development
    constructive criticism, a constructive attitude, a constructive philosophy, constructive permission