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  • According to the Libellus constructionis Farfensis, Pope Hadrian had ordered that disputes between Farfa and some men from Rome be settled by his prior vestiarius, Miccio.
  • The anonymous Libellus constructionis Farfensis, which in its original form was composed in the late ninth century, relates the history of Farfa from its foundation by Thomas of Maurienne down to the death of Hilderic.
  • The Destructio Hugh wrote begins where an earlier, and not completely preserved work, the Libellus constructionis Farfensis, left off, with the death of Abbot Hilderic in 857.
  • Sichard's epitaph was copied into the Libellus constructionis Farfensis, the earliest history of Farfa, of which only a fragment survives in an eleventh-century lectionary.
  • The anonymous Libellus constructionis Farfensis gives his length of abbacy as nineteen years, which coupled with Gregory's catalogue of abbots, which begins Fulcoald's tenure in 740, suggests a date of 759 for his successor.
  • Magini collaborated closely with Valentine Naibod, and in this book he published and from Naibod's unfinished manuscript Claudii Ptolemaei Quadripartitae Constructionis Apotelesmata Commentarius novus et Eiusdem Conversio nova.

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