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  • A revised edition appeared in 1643 with a slightly different title: De constitutione tragoediae.
  • Among his work in natural science, there is De constitutione mundi and the encyclopaedic De choreis musarum sive de origine scientiarum.
  • In De perfecta constitutione hominis in utero liber unus, published in 1616, he further explored the topic of embryogenesis.
  • In 1630, he published a follow-up work (De anima subiecto corpori nihil tribuente, deque seminis vita et efficentia primaria in constitutione foetus) which answered the objections of some of his critics.
  • His two graduation theses were De scientiae naturalis cum philosophia morali conjunctione from 1723 and De pulcherrima mundi cum materialis tum rationalis constitutione from 1726.
  • In 1956 he produced a supplemental volume De Constitutione Christi Ontologica et Psychica; the fourth and final edition of 1964 was presented in the Collected Works with an interleaf translation as The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ (2002).
  • On June 11, 2007 Pope Benedict XVI issued a Motu Proprio beginning with the words Constitutione Apostolica, subtitled De aliquibus mutationibus in normis de electione romani pontificis which reinstates the traditional norms for the vote required to elect the Pope.

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